Youth & Family News

It’s Spring! The children and teens are feeling it, too; there's a magic, a sense of freshness, of looking forward to new experiences.

Our volunteers, Marianne Scott, Linda Crowe, and Chantaal Lebay, along with the assistant teachers, Halley Smallwood and Kayla McGrew, have been busy getting ready for spring.

We are planning our annual Easter Egg Hunt, April 1st after the Easter Service. Please bring your children and your grandchildren to enjoy and take pictures with the Easter Bunny!

April 22nd will be our first multigenerational service this year. The children will bring a “very important” message to the congregation - an experience you don’t want to miss!  Parents and grandparents, please bring your children as often as possible so they have the opportunity to practice for our special events.


Phyllis Wintter

YFAM Director