The Truth Shall Set You Free - Jennifer Ferren

“The Complete Works of Emilie Cady” is the basis for Jennifer Ferren’s August 26th message, “The Truth Shall Set You Free.”  With everything going on in today’s fast-paced, breaking news world, we could all use a gentle reminder of how to stay grounded in the Truth with a capital T.  One of Unity’s five basic principles states, “the truth we know is the truth we use; otherwise it is only theory and has no power to change our lives.”  When we understand and completely embrace the Truth of who we are, the very walls of Jericho cannot stand in our way!
With Jennifer’s unique Message in Music presentation, you will be gently uplifted by original songs and introspective spoken word.  It is often said that when you sing you pray twice. Come ready to join in and be fully participatory in this exciting and heartfelt presentation.