"Spiritual Partnerships" by Jesse Herriott

What would you do if you discovered that you are not alone in the universe—no really; what would you do if you discovered that in your darkest hour, you didn’t have to feel the heaviness that comes during those times. If you’re like myself, my personal dark nights of the soul typically come when I feel I “always” must deal with the circumstances of life within the bubble of my own existence. The only way that I know how to get out of that emotional trap is to remind myself that although I may feel lonely, I’m never alone. And those reminders occur when I accept that I live in a world that’s bigger than what I am experiencing right this moment. Life has provided us with tons of Spiritual Partners- but we don’t often see them when life presents them to us.  

The opposite of a deep state of depression and isolation is a deep sense of connection. You see, it’s by plugging ourselves into a connection economy that we really combat those feelings of separation and loneliness that pulls us away from our Godlike powers. If we can somehow remove the barriers of resistance that tend to make us feel like we are on the wrong side of life, then we reclaim our strength and assume our position as children of God and co-creators with God. And as children of God, we don’t live in a bubble; the entire universe is our inheritance and is seeking to partner with us to perform a work that the world has never seen! If we allow it to be so, life can touch us, lift us, and remind us of the infinite possibilities that can come our way through a myriad of circumstances. Joy will come in the morning. And we can experience that morning when we awaken and refuse to go back to sleep. Freedom is yours. Joy is yours. And there are Spiritual Partners that life has strategically placed around you in order to help you experience these qualities. You can never be an outsider when life has made you an insider- you are connected; you belong. Decree it today with me. And so it is!