A Prayer for Moms by Helen Vaughn

A Prayer for Moms  

Director of Youth and Family Ministry, Helen Vaughn, EdS, NBCC, PPC, LUT, CSE

In a Unity class on prayer this month, the Jafollas’ suggested in The Quest that the purpose of prayer is to help us know God and for Her will to be played out in our lives. We pray to satisfy the natural longing in our souls, to know our true identity and experience our Creator. I experience my Creator through nature, through meditation, and through service to others -- but maybe that one thing that deeply satisfies the longing of my soul is Motherhood.

For me, the dreams of Motherhood came long before the birth of my son at nearly age forty. I cared for my baby dolls and my younger siblings.  I watched after other people’s children nearly my entire life.  Motherhood is my life’s prayer, my message, my intention.  However, nothing has given me more joy than that of being the mother to my own son, God’s precious child and gift to me and the world.  Yet, my life also has been so full of many opportunities to share in the lives of hundreds of other children.  I have been richly blessed beyond measure with the joy that children bring into my experience and with all that I have learned from them.   

The title “mom” is not always easy to come by.  Some of us had to break a glass ceiling to earn a paycheck and care for our kids. Some had to fight infertility or overcome tragic loss and endure immense pain or even all of the above. But for me, the quest was well worth it, and made me stronger, and wiser and more loving.  I also had the best role model on the planet, and I miss her strength and love and generosity every day.  I find it in other women now:  coworkers and educators who paved the way before me, spiritual teachers like our very own Anne Hammer, aka Mama Bear, politicians who literally have broken the glass ceiling to be the first women on the national stage, humanitarians and civil rights leaders, scientists and doctors.  

Women today continue to show valor and courage and are making a difference for their children that will impact future generations and our world.  If you are a mother or a daughter or a grandmother, take a good look in the mirror and see the beauty that you express in our world today and will continue to express for generations to come. Know now that you are enough and have enough to give, that time with family is a treasure and that little things make a big difference. Each second we share together is God’s golden nugget given to you and your family.

If in the midst of difficult times, you begin to feel overwhelmed or lonely, here’s what our children are noticing about their mothers. Take comfort in knowing this truth about who we are.

“I am so lucky to have the BEST Mom! She always loves and cares for us. She never lets us give up. Some people don’t have a good Mom, and I feel very lucky to have the one I have.”

-Savannah B. Uniteen

“My Mom works very hard every day at her work so we can have the nice things we have. She gets us dogs and cats. She is very nice and sweet and snuggly. I like her pretty eyes.”

-Hank B.  Children’s Ministry

“My mom does many things for me like cooking and shopping. She provides for us, and I really appreciate it. I love how she perseveres through hard times and how she is always there when I need her. She is someone I look up to, and I appreciate all that she does from the bottom of my heart. I am proud to call her my mom.” 

- Nicholas L.  Uniteen

“My mother is my biggest treasure. She always is there for my achievements and my struggles.  Without her, I would have fallen into the deep pits of darkness and despair, with no one to pick me back up. Because of her, I was able to push through challenges I never thought were possible, but now, I feel able to face bigger challenges than ever before. I have learned so much about life from her, and I’m ready to learn more. Thank you, mom, for being my one and only heavenly light.”

- Jeff L.  Y.O.U.

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