Practices for the Mystic - Rev. Robin

Last Sunday, I spoke on Practices of the Mystic’s Path.  Who is the mystic?  You are the mystic because you are a seeker.  Four practices that I talked about were miracles, angels, forgiveness, and meditation.   I received a lot of positive comments on this talk, especially on the part about angels where I shared a bedtime prayer.  I thought it worthy of sharing it here for all our readers.

Four corners round my bed.

Four angels round my head.

One to watch; two to pray.

One to chase bad things away.


Angels are God-thoughts that appear to us in forms we can welcome.  As mystics, we know that all spiritual phenomenon is right inside of us.  When we call on angels, we are calling on the highest expression of Truth, beckoning it into whatever circumstance or situation we are dealing with.  Angels are spiritual mentors that can lift us higher - out of the muck and mire of everyday life.

When we pray the above prayer and seek to understand our relationship with angels (God-thought) at a deeper level, we are really affirming the following:

One angel to watch – May Spirit watch my thoughts and guard my mind.

Two angels to pray – May I always be connected to Source, and may I have a back-up connection just in case the power goes out.

One to chase bad things away – May Spirit chase from my mind any bad or negative perceptions and help me live from the vantage point that, “It’s all good – It’s all God.”

To listen the entire talk and meditation, follow this link Unity of Gainesville

This coming Sunday, October 28, 2018, I will continue this series with “Live IN the World, not OF the World.”  Join us at 11:00 am.

Blessings be!

Rev. Robin