My Y.O.U. Leadership Experience by Jeff Lucana

Summary of my YOU LEADERSHIP Experience

I want to share my experience with you about my Spirit Quest meeting, a meeting held for those wanting to learn more about and are considering a youth leadership position in the Southeast Unity Region. I was invited to attend this meeting as a possible candidate for an upcoming service opportunity.

At the start of the meeting, we were all grouped into two groups, those who were adults and those who were the teens. Since I was part of the latter group, I will tell you my side of the meeting. Once separated, we did an interactive online quiz about leadership together, and discussed the many positions of leadership in Unity. These included positions such as Family Group Leader, Y.O.U. Prayer Chaplains, Regi, and Y.O.U. Zone Leader. We went over the expected time commitment and responsibilities of each position. Afterwards, there was discussion on different potential projects to do for the community, and many different ideas were recorded.


I remember contributing a project for making and donating masks to places that need it. We then returned to the main room to have discussion and an activity where we requested prayers from a meeting member and they requested one from us in a virtual group. I made a request for a prayer of hope.

Finally, we were presented with a guest speaker, a speaker with the experience of a Y.O.U Prayer Chaplain, who shared with us her experiences and qualifications of her position. After her presentation, it was time for us to adjourn. We shared our thanks for everyone and those who contributed were thanked for attending the meeting. I was given the opportunity to serve by closing the meeting in prayer.

I’m thankful to have learned much of the positions and the leadership that comes with them. I am in prayerful consideration as to how I can best serve our region and Unity of Gainesville. I’m also very thankful to have attended this Spirit Quest and hope that you found this summary helpful. Thank you for your continued support and prayers, and I will see you back here in the near future.