Musical Churches

3 guest speakers

Musical Churches

By Josephine Sherwood

Unity of Gainesville, GA (UGG), Unity Athens (UA) and Unity of the Mountains (UM) participated in a test-run of our first “Musical-Churches/Community-Connections Sunday” on November 13, 2022. What a blessing it was to have Mike Davis back from UM to share his music and message at UGG, “Peace Within, Peace Without!” Four delightful and talented UM choir members graciously formed an ad hoc choir along with three of our talented UGG members. How heartwarming it was to have the live voices of an in-church choir in our sanctuary once again! (We learned from Anne Hammer that one of the UM members visiting, Jeannette Senart, was the wife of the chiropractor whose office was used to host the study group that eventually evolved into UGG.)

We are grateful that 26 in-person attendees and 5 virtual UGG attendees were able to be a part of this very special church service. We are especially grateful for each of the volunteers who brought breakfast refreshments to share during the after-service fellowship time, as well as for those who did a great job with set-up and clean-up! (Mike and friends gratefully accepted the re-gifting of some of the over-abundance of book items, as well as the indoor labyrinth, which were received from One World Church.)

Rev. Danny and four of our “Unitics” reported feeling very blessed to have joined the warm and welcoming community of Unity Athens Spiritual Center. You can catch Rev. Danny’s wonderful message, “I am Grateful,” and treat yourself to some out-of-the-ordinary service music (drumming) presented by the guest musician, Dr. Arvin Scott by visiting (UnityAthens TV), or find the recorded service on the Unity Athens Facebook Page. Of special note, Unity Athens will celebrate their 50-Year Anniversary next Sunday, and 18 years with Rev. Bronte Colbert. Congratulations and continued blessings to Unity Athens!