The Little Willingness: A Course in Miracles Lesson by Anne Hammer

The 'Little Willingness' could be said to be the theme of the group that studies A Course in Miracles (ACIM) here at Unity of Gainesville.

We individually offer our 'little willingness' to the Holy Spirit to do Its work as us. The text goes on to tell us,"You cannot do more...It is your realization that you need do so little that enables Him to give so much." When someone asks what does ACIM teach, the response is, "God has only one Son and we are that Son. Each of us created holy, sinless, innocent. We are One with God, never separated.

We are called to receive and give forgiveness. We are called to Love, and Love is letting go of fear. Everyone is our brother. We are called to choose Miracles over grievances. Knowing our oneness with God and each other is a big order. That's why we love the 'little willingness'. The outcome is always the result of "...our small willingness combined with the unlimited Power of God's Will.

A second theme of the Unity of Gainesville ACIM group is: We are led by the Spirit. We listen to each other because Spirit speaks through each of us. Sometimes Spirit as one of us says, "That text doesn't make any sense to me." Sometimes we all just agree and allow God to show us what it means later. I recall once when one person asked, "What IS the Will of God?" and another led him through to conclude that the Will of God is Love. 

The result of our meeting and sharing with each other, so far, has been a level of transformation.  Much of what defied explanation earlier, is clear now.  Though often beyond words.  The result of our ‘little willingness’.

Personally, I was seeking a Miracle---change in thinking that brought the Truth to my circumstances.   I determined that when it manifested, I would humbly confess my errors and teach people how it happened. When I realized that it had occurred, I said an ‘affirmation': I knew it  was true, I discovered  that:


One offers one’s little willingness and allows the Holy Spirit to do Its thing; to make all things work for good for those who love.

This discussion group meets on Tuesday mornings from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  Currently we are meeting on a conference phone line.

ACIM is a set of books that include the Text, the Workbook for Students, with a lesson for each day of the year, and The Manual for Teachers.  It’s a lot of words. 

Each week we usually discuss anything that has come up for one of us during the week---things for which we invite each other’s ideas.  Then, perhaps the Workbook lesson of the day and the Text we are involved in, Most weeks we have a guided meditation time.  We are so blessed by God as each of us.

You’re invited to join us.  Email me at and I’ll send you the conference number.

Soon we’ll be back to meeting at our Center on Stancil Rd.