"How I Start My Day" by Anne Hammer

I like to have a guide to keep me on track through the day.   This is the one I’m using currently.  Every morning I

o   GET UP




GET UP:  This doesn’t mean get out of bed, though that helps.  It means get my vibrations up to the “High Joy Vibration” level. 

You probably have your way of doing this.  I do it by reminding myself of Truth, what I know by Faith.  Such as: THERE IS ONE, AND ONLY ONE, PRESENCE ACTIVE IN THE UNIVERSE AND MY LIFE -- GOD, THE GOOD, OMNIPOTENT.  Translated into daily life:  Nothing and no one is against me.  Years ago, I did a week-end seminar with Tony Robbins.  He puts it this way:  THE UNIVERSE IS RIGGED IN YOUR FAVOR.  Thoughts like this get my vibes UP!

There are NO exceptions to this.   That reminds me of Jesus saying:  Do not judge by appearances.  From this reminder, and from accepting it, I come to know that:  I AM AN ABSOLUTE BLESSING OF LOVE, LIGHT, LIFE, AND JOY, AND SO IS EVERYONE ELSE.  WE ARE ONE.  Try saying this aloud with love and acceptance.  Now, you are truly 'up.'

DRESS UP:  This doesn’t have as much to do with what clothing I put on as it does with who is putting it on.  It’s time to remember who I am.  I am an expression of the All.  The same Life that was in Christ Jesus lives in me.  I honor the child of God that I AM by appreciating this and treating me well.  2nd Unity Principle.  Keeps my focus on Truth.

SHOW UP:  I can show up on the phone, by texting, by emailing and/or posting.  I can show up by praying for another----by knowing all of the above is true for anyone I think of.   I can show up by doing my job, or even grocery shopping.  Terry McBride once said to me: “I just like hanging out with other Christs.”  That’s what showing up means to me.

BE LOVE:  Describing what being love is, is like describing what God is.   We can pile up words, but we still won’t have it.  Yet, we also don’t need to put it in words.  We each know beyond words what this means.  I think of the song, “It’s in every one of us, to be wise.”  It’s in every one of us to be LOVE.  Find your heart. 


You’re invited to play with this regimen.  One caution:  this practice must be accompanied by a vast store of forgiveness of self.  Being a Spiritual Being having a Human experience, I find that I frequently let this guide slip away.  Then I get to get myself up, dust myself off, re-enter the scene of life, and Be Love.