"Healing & Recovery" Rev. Steve Bolen

I learned a great deal about the negative effects of addiction from my mother and father in my teens and twenties and my oldest brother in my thirties and forties. While recovery was not to be a part of my parents life before they transitioned, I did witness my brother find sobriety almost twenty-four years ago. I discovered my own healing from codependency through A Course in Miracles many years ago. 
On Sunday, September 30th, we will glean wisdom from the research and teachings of Dr. David Hawkins, specifically as he speaks to these issues in his profound work, "Healing and Recovery." With wherever we might find ourselves or another on the continuum of recovery, we can benefit significantly from a deeper understanding of attempting to heal when we are in a negative state such as guilt and anger as opposed to living more consistently in the higher levels of consciousness like courage, willingness and love.
From this heightened place of empowerment, we can help quicken the "re-discovery" of the Divine in all of us - the true Beingness we have never left! 
Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Steve Bolen