Happy Easter from Rev. Robin

Dear Unity Friends,

Easter is here! And it is a different kind of Easter because we can't be together on our beautiful campus. I want you to know that your church is waiting patiently for your return. The buds on the trees that have been hiding their new leaves and flowers are bursting forth, and Spring has arrived in fullness. The seasons speak to us of the mystery of transformation. In other parts of nature, we see this transformation as well.

Think about the little frog and where it had its beginnings. It begins as a little egg. In the fullness of time, that little egg bursts forth and a tadpole appears. Have you ever gone down to a pond and watched the little tadpoles? It is always such a mystery to us that after a while the tadpole that looked like a little fish would no longer be that. It would start to grow legs, and in the fullness of time, it would walk upon the earth.

The same mystery of transformation unfolds in the butterfly. A little butterfly begins as an egg. Then, out of the egg comes a little wiggly thing that is furry and has lots of legs; we cal it a caterpillar. Then, when it feels an inner push,  it will make a chrysalis around itself. Out of that chrysalis will emerge a winged creature of great beauty.

What about our transformation? We call ourselves, "just a human being". Then the day comes when we see more of who we are. We say, "I am not just a human being. I am a divine being." We begin to see the Christ seed unfolding.

Then the day comes when we think of ourselves as neither human or divine, but we think of ourselves as a Christed human being. I know that the destiny of the little tadpole is to become a frog, and the destiny of the caterpillar is to become a butterfly. An our destiny is to become a Christed human being.

What do I mean by a Christed human being? For me, I have but to look at the life of the One we call Jesus Christ to know being Christed looks like. Jesus came to the planet to acknowledge, discover, experience, and to be The Christ - the highest self He could be. I think He must have, in His evolution, gone through all sorts of seasons of His life; times when He felt very human; times when He felt very divine. Then He came to that place in His life when He knew He was a Christed being, fully incorporating the human and the divine.

As we walk through the seasons of our lives, we will come to powerful junctures that will call us to leave behind old ways of thinking, speaking, being and living. For evolution draws us, woos us, pushes us an pulls us forward. Now, more than ever, I think we are being pulled forward to the stage where we combine our human self and our divine self, and we honor both. Somehow, we are both at the same time.

As you celebrate Spring and Easter, may you embrace the divine in you, knowing that you a holy and magnificent Child of God. As we hold the truth of our divinity for each other, we are able to live more like the example of our teacher, Jesus the Christ.

Sending you abundant Easter blessings,

Rev. Robin