Church Security + Preparedness

Safety icons

The Unity of Gainesville Board of Trustees and Rev. Danny have focused on elements of church security this month. We have all watched a video on an active shooter situation. In light of previous attacks on houses of worship, we collectively felt that it would be beneficial to offer this video to the general congregation as an additional option to enhance security. 

Watch the video here

We have also taken additional steps to secure our church. In the past year, blinds have been installed in all of the sanctuary windows, we have three comprehensive first aid kits that have been placed in strategic areas around the facility and a board member who is a Registered Nurse and trained in emergency response has renewed her cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification which is good for the next two years.

It is our sincere desire to be proactive in our need to protect our congregants. 

We affirm that “All is well” and invoke the Prayer for Protection blessing our community.