Care and Compassion by Rev. Robin Volker

As I stood on the platform of Unity of Gainesville last Sunday and shared about a recent health crisis in
my family, I looked out upon the congregation, and I knew you cared. You cared for me. You cared for
my family member, whom you had never met. You cared for the people you knew within our spiritual
community who have faced or are facing challenges. What I saw looking back at me was care and
When I walked through the hallways after the service, I heard numerous conversations where that same
care and compassion were being expressed. People were listening attentively to each other, nodding in
agreement, and promising to pray for the highest and best outcome for whatever was going on.
When people come together with the intention to exhibit care and compassion, community is built.
Building community is important at Unity of Gainesville. Actually, our motto this year is
We Are Building CommUnity Together in 2018!
Regardless of whether you attend regularly, attended years ago, or have just been thinking of checking
us out, we invite you to jump on the bandwagon and come build community with us. If something from
the past is standing in your way, reach out and let’s have a conversation (another “C” word) about it so
that you can move through that old energy and embrace a new day with a new hug and a new promise
from Unity of Gainesville to support you with care and compassion.
Love and blessings,
Rev. Robin Volker